Low Kelly - Co- Founder of Breakout Escape Game

When we first started off, all of us are the full-time worker in the corporate world. We used to spend 4-5 hours daily after our working hours in one of the shopping mall’s food court on brainstorming our idea for the product. As we only have limited resources at that time, we plan out everything in details. We know that we can’t afford many mistakes during the construction of the room hence, we did a lot of details planning.

It was a hard time but I would say a sweet moment as it was the time we really go to know each other better. I still remember how we used to spend our time discussing till the mall closes its door to visit every day and even the food court staff could recognize us as we are always the last people to leave the place. This lasted about half a year before we finally are able to secure a mall that is willing to take us up…..

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Great Amazeing Challenge - FitForLife Fair Penang 2016Breakout now open in Busan and Chang Won Masan