• 5 Tips to Beat Any Breakout / Novus Escape Room

    5 Tips to Beat Any Breakout / Novus Escape Room 1. Have sufficient players.                  Escape rooms are best attempted with a group of people. While you and your one genius friend may just well beat the clock, generally speaking, larger groups have a higher chance of success […]
    5 tips to beat breakout novus escape room
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    hauntu – FIRST IMMERSIVE HORROR EXPERIENCE IN MALAYSIA Hauntu (pronounced haunt-you or Hantu if you like). What is Hauntu? Is Hauntu a usual haunted house? NO. It’s Malaysia’s first and only immersive horror experience. Hauntu is a blend of live theatre, role play and storytelling that comes together to provide an engaging experience that’s never been offered […]
    Hauntu - first immersive horror experience in Malaysia
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  • Chinese New Year Taboos You Should Know

    Traditionally, Chinese people believe that what you do on the first day of New Year will affect your luck in the coming year. In modern days, many of these taboos still considered a no-no for many Chinese families around the world. In order to maintain a positive vibe throughout the year, here are the top […]
    breakout chinese new year taboos
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  • 5 Types of Escape Room Kaki (Players) that we’ve seen at BREAKOUT

    What else can you do during your free time or holiday besides lepak-ing in shopping malls, go movies and goyang kaki in coffee shops? For those who are familiar with escape games, many would agree that this is the next best thing to do without having to drive out of town. Of course, you will […]
    5 Types of Escape Game Room Kaki at Breakout
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