(24th Feb 2017, Jeddah) Have you imagine you will be locked in a surreal ambiance similar to being part of an on-going scene from a movie and the clock is ticking and you will need to find your wait out.

This is the latest Escape Room game in Jeddah —NOVUS a live- action game experience where you and your team must solve puzzle after puzzle and riddles in order to get out of a locked room within 55 minutes.

NOVUS, also known as BREAKOUT headquartered in Malaysia, is celebrating the official opening of their Jeddah outlet. There are currently 5 different themed rooms. Each of the games were developed by the Novus team (Breakout) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia who are currently has worldwide outlets in Canada, United States, South Korea and Kazakhstan.

If you are up for an adventure, you can be part of the Nuevo Union as you play your part in salvaging the arts in The War for Rembrandt or be part of the scientists who try to recollect your memory for a mass destruction mission in Project Fallout. Or be the spiteful mischief who wants to find out secret ingredient of a famous physician’s miraculous medicine in Materia Medica.  Fans of magic and mystery would be thrilled with the magical elements in Chamber of Hocus while the Horror’s fans can explore the mystery of the puppeteer in Mr Oswald’s Greatest Show.

How it works is customers who are interested to play can book online or walk-in. All rooms are private. Safety briefing and characters briefing will done prior to the game play. Once inside, the game master will describes the scenario and the tasks to be completed.

Once the 55 minutes countdown begins, the game starts, which means situations such as opening drawers, listening to voice clue and absorbing the environment for anything that may be a clue to solve a four digit code or an alphabetical lock to open doors or handcuff that lead to new rooms within the game.

It is uncertain how many separate rooms or stages exist within one theme room. There is a control room monitored by a Game Master to help out and monitor the players. Not to worry about being trapped in the Hocus’s Chamber or left abandoned in the laboratory. Once time is up, the game master will unlock you but you lose the game. Players can request for assistance from the game master using the call system in the game room.

Novus is the first character based escape room in the world where 8 characters with special abilities are designed to assist players in the game. There are such as Light Bringer, Lock Master, Time Bender, Gemini, Assassin, Healer, Scholar and Oracle. Participants can utilize these abilities to solve puzzles if they get stuck or exchange them for hints or extend the game play duration.

Escape rooms are great for corporate team building as a way to foster team communications, teamwork and problem solving skills. Rooms can be booked for private events such as birthday parties and corporate event for big group.


Address: NOVUS Escape Room,Villa 4, Abdullah Jasir street al Zahra Jeddah

Operation Hours:

Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday: 10am – 10pm
Thusday: 10am- 12am
Friday: 4pm – 12am

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