Breakout Launches LIИDA  – A Unique Virtual Experience by the Beverly Group

9/09/2021, Kuala Lumpur – The Beverly Group, a prestigious property developer join forces with Superdough, the company behind Breakout Escape Rooms and Hauntu Horror House, launched LIИDA  a unique virtual experience specially developed for One Equine property. 

According to the Beverly group, “with the recent Covid-19 pandemic plaguing the Malaysian community, people are encouraged to stay at home and avoid traveling unnecessarily. Despite the lockdown, we remain optimistic due to our ability to identify the market gap and develop products that satisfy the needs of each customer. ONE EQUINE has obtained approximately 50% take up rate since its soft launch for phase 1 and it’s still continuing to grow exponentially each day. Our main target segment is first home buyers, buyers from other states that work and live here, as well as young families that want to build a dream home within their affordability level.”

“Our action plan in response to the Covid-19 pandemic is to allocate more resources into digital marketing and to engage with customers at a more intimate level. Imaging and streaming technology has advanced to the point where video tours, floor plans, and other interactive exploratory tools are now a common practice in most real estate developers. As mentioned, our main target segment is within the age group that is inquisitive and technologically savvy. Thus, Beverly Group decided to take one step further by collaborating with Breakout to provide an innovative virtual immersive experience for our latest project ONE EQUINE. We wish to bring out the immersive quality of Breakout’s ‘escape room experience’ accompanied by a unique narrative into the home of each customer and to operate remotely. It is an unconventional approach as we are the first real estate developer in Malaysia to provide this publicly. This enables customers and players to understand our project in further detail whilst keeping them safe and entertained from the comfort of their own homes.” 

LIИDA is a psychological thriller interactive fiction game experience. LIИDA follows a ‘storyline’ that features puzzles, visuals, sound effects that adds to its grim and mysterious atmosphere accompanied by graphic descriptions (game hints). This is not your average run-of-the-mill gaming experience; the production of LIИDA involves real actors and real places. Set in ONE EQUINE, players will embark on a journey with a mysterious girl named Linda and her pursuit to salvage her dying relationship with her lover Thomas. She has to solve puzzles and ‘break into’ the premises, plant a ‘surprise gift’, and plan her escape route without being noticed. Hidden truths will be revealed at the end of the game. Players will be able to select commands, influence, and dictate interactions on how the story may unfold. This allows players to delve deeply into the narrative rather than being just passive observers.


Pc screen to make a decision - linda virtual experience

Period: 3 months (September – November 2021)
Premier Launch: 11th & 12th September, 4pm
Game Sessions: Every weekend, 4pm
FREE Registration/ RSVP at:
One Equine Website:
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